April 9, 2014

Happy National Breakfast Day!!

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 An appropriate greeting if only today is March 17, haha! This is an extremely late post. 

I almost gave up on celebrating the National Breakfast Day last March. You see, I am one of those absurd creatures who live in the extreme North and work in the extreme South and is helplessly dependent on the Philippine public transportation system. Just to give you a quick preview on my hopelessness towards this national agenda, I have drafted countless resignation letters, shed a waterfall of tears and sent out embarassing texts of "I am sorry boss, but I'll be late..." and written imaginary letters addressed to the president of the republic of the Philippines and the DOTC secretary about my disgust and desire to change my nationality because of the MRT. Haha. My, my, that was quite a long rant.

The plan was to meet up with Alan, have a simple breakfast date in Pancake House then head straight to the office. But the MRT and its inefficiencies were bound to fail and foil my national breakfast day plan, that 30 minutes before the office bell rings (parang school bell lang, haha) I was still far from my destination. I was huffing and puffing and sweating and close to shedding another waterfall of tears. When I finally reached South, I was met with a sad news that Pancake House was still closed. But there's always McDonald's. That fast food which started this happy holiday. So I had my fill of the big breakfast and for half an hour or so, I forgave the president, the DOTC Secretary and our hopeless public transport system.

my madamdaming breakfast facebook post

Two reasons why i love breakfast:

1) it is the simplest yet most essential meal of the day

2) it represents my most favorite part of the day, mornings. I wake up early (especially on weekends) 
to have an extra time for my personal agenda, for extra longer hours in a day, so the 24 hours will 
feel like 30 hours and then each hour will be infused with productive, worthwhile things
so here's my tribute to the national breakfast day on an otherwise crazy and already frenzied Monday morning: 
a McDonald's big breakfast meal (original plan is Pancake House, still closed) and a prayer that 
we begin yet another day closer to our dreams. 
Cheers to happy and hopeful mornings!

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