April 9, 2014

Early Bird Breakfast Club

time check: 07:35 am

Reserved especially for me - the breakfast lover!! :) It is summer time in the city and my cousins based in the province are here in the Metro to attend summer camps and leadership trainings and writing workshops and whatever it is that schools and school-equivalents have invented to keep the kids from their iPads and irritating selfie posts. Lola alert!! :) Before sending them off to their summer camps however, I dragged them one very early Saturday morning in Makati City for our Early Bird Breakfast Club experience. I have been to their Fort branch with Mei sometime last year (read all about it here) but I heard their Makati branch is way prettier, so off we went.

I love the place - it is so breakfast-y, sunshiny and playfully sweet. The kids loved it here!

And the presentation? Tingin pa lang busog na. :) I didn't realize I ordered mostly rice-based meals that I was so full after our early morning date! We had Warm Asparagus Salad, Longganisa Sunrise, French Toast Fondue, Viva Longganisa and the dish I enjoyed the most, Chorizo and Mushroom Risotto.

Bonus - I think I found myself a new profile pic with a beautiful typography in the background, haha - oh, I cannot wait for my next breakfast date here. <3

Cheers to beautiful mornings!

All Sunshiny,

Early Bird Breakfast Club
Century City Mall
Makati City

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