July 31, 2014

Breakfast Assignments

hello there!

While I would love to update this blog with several of our beautiful breakfast stories, I pause from worshiping the crispiness of bacon strips, the perfection of the 6-minute boiled egg and the glorious saltiness of tuyo with vinegar and tomatoes on the side for a simple post about my sidekick partner in 99% of my breakfast adventures. While I remain to be the queen designated writer of this blog, Alan has an equally important role as the photographer. It's challenging to be the photographer of a very important blog (nyahahaha!) not only because the writer-slash-editor-slash-visionary-slash-model is an intolerable nag but also, most of the breakfast adventures (restaurants) are in the northern part of the city (I live in Quezon City, that is why) and the poor guy lives in the faraway land of Las Pi├▒as. To get up at the crack of dawn on a weekend morning to indulge in my breakfast cravings (although he swears breakfast is his thing too) is no easy feat. And I love him more for it. (cue music here, Jack Johnson's I got You.) Haha! :-) I have made it a habit too, to take pictures of him taking pictures for a little BTS (Behind the Scenes ;p) and also because I love to see him do what he does best.

This was taken just last Tuesday for our holiday breakfast in L.E.S. Bagels. Prior to this seemingly peaceful shot, I have gone childish and bratty with matching stomping of feet and tears only because we cannot find the restaurant in his map. "I trusted you!! How could you (do this to me)??!!" It was wild, man. Wild. He was all cool and patient with my outrage and calmly navigated us to this tiny heaven in Tuscany (McKinley). 

This was taken in Hatch 22 in Rockwell in the first quarter of the year. I felt all giddy to experience the restaurant of a celebrity (ang showbiz ko!), we were the first to arrive in the place (no surprise there) at 7:00 in the morning - on a Saturday! I was having a career-crisis at that time and was seriously thinking of changing companies for better opportunities. We talked a lot about the future that morning.

Same shirt as the first picture here! He told me his yellow striped polo is his official Before Nine uniform. Haha! This was taken in Harina Cafe (Monsee's in White Plains). We ordered (and ate) too much bread that morning, we even got to bring home some. The restaurant was right across plant/flower shops and Got Heart, a trailer transformed into a shop/store featuring  local products and organic produce. It drizzled a little so we squeezed under my blue and silver umbrella while waiting for a cab to get us home.

I look forward to beautiful mornings with him. :-)

All Sunshiny,

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