July 5, 2014

Slappy Cakes

time check: 09:00 am

It's the first Saturday of the second half of the year!! I am cooped inside my room after an afternoon of jogging with Tanya and Theo (my brother's kids), the sky is somber and the rustling of the leaves warns the city of a possible rainfall tonight. I play along with the day's mood and listen to Spotify's Smart is the New Sexy playlist. I am thinking of switching to Songs for the Sunset playlist in a while - to lead the drama on. Haha! Oh girls, hormones, mood swings and all!

Moving on. 

My sister spent a few weeks last summer in the city and every time a family member visits, I make sure we go on a breakfast date. I love sharing my love of the morning with the people I treasure. It just makes my morning ritual more meaningful. So I roused us, Quezon City girls, early one Saturday morning to get our cute butts to the bustling Makati City. I've been salivating on Slappy Cake's make-your-own-pancake experience and I finally had the excuse to do so, with my sister no less. I instantly loved the restaurant's interior. It's serious-wood meets happy-yellow-lamps. I am so into contrasts!

oh breakfast love  

(1) Make Your Own Pancake
batter: buttermilk
fixins: apple and blueberry
topping/s: maple syrup and then mango syrup

(2) Seasonal Vegetable Scramble
everybody needs his green leafy fix!

(3) Classic Breakfast
the no-fail mix of bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast

After or sumptuous breakfast treat, we visited LRI nearby and got my fix of lovely home decors and interiors and arts. Oh! Breakfast + Interiors = Happiness!

All Sunshiny,

Jazz Mall
Bel-Air, Makati City

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