June 21, 2014

Summer Morning

time check: 06:30 am

It was a toss between breakfast by the beach and an early morning swim but the boatman was insistent. "Ma'am, mas maganda mag island hopping ngayong umaga, di pa gaano maalon." We learned he is from Leyte and tried his luck in the country's most popular beach to earn a living. He shared sob tales while on the boat. I sympathized a bit and told myself to remember to give him a tip after. Is this how he is with most tourists? The teensy bit of drama was drowned by the beautiful blue sky, the beautiful blue-green sea and the unbelievably beautiful powder white sand. The Beautiful Boracay. I will never tire of it.

It was a needed break from the intoxicating corporate routine so we flew to the island on the tail end of summer. It was a refreshing break shared with my family and friends.

all photos by Alan David 

Cheers to Forever Summer Mornings,

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