May 27, 2014

One Saturday Morning

time check: 07:45 am

The thing I like most about living in Quezon City is that it has huge public parks where people can spend their mornings enjoying the sun, jogging, biking, eating and a whole lot of other activities - there's La Mesa Ecopark, the grounds of UP Diliman and of course, good ol' Quezon Memorial Circle. I am into succulent plants these days and knowing that Manila Seedling Bank closed to give way to a real estate development yet again and relocated in the Circle, I jumped right in one morning and embraced my inner lola-ness. Who else shops for plants in the morning except for our sweet grandmothers? :)

I bought three plants that morning - they all cost less than a Starbucks coffee. I like succulent plants because they do not need much caring - a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of water and then they can pretty much take care of themselves. Also, they're beautiful in small pots and cans and canisters and glasses and dishes. Hay. I cannot wait to have my own house abundant with greens and flowers and happy pets. :)

To lovely mornings!

All Sunshiny ,
(even if it's all rainy and I'm cooped up in the house with a nose that's runny :p)


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  1. Hi, may I ask if until now they're still sellers of cacti & succulent around QC Circle? Thank you in advance :)