February 4, 2013


time check: 8:15 am

After our Greenhills Sunday Market experience, we sampled Conti's breakfast menu. We were half-full from the babalik-balikan-talaga Vigan empanada and the so-soft-effin' muffins but because Conti's has opened early for us (naks), and its yellow exterior is as inviting as the early morning sun, we hopped in. We have a full day of shopping for our Batad Trip the next weekend so we need to pack on the carbs for the energy-zapping shopping activity.

My Sunday Newspaper fix courtesy of Conti's. George Ty, on his interview by Winston Flores, quoted British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The line reads: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was once invited to make a speech at a school, and you know what he said? He addressed the students: "Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give in. Never give in. Never give in. Never give in." Then he sat down. And to tell you the truth, that Sunday Morning, I needed those words. :)

Our breakfast choice at Conti's: Breakfast A, Php 455 (good for 2-3 persons)
Chicken Tocino| Daing na Bangus| Mom's Garlic Longganisa| Scrambled Egg| Garlic Rice| Pickled Ubod

It may be because we were half-full that I personally did not enjoy our Conti's breakfast meal. I thought it was a little too dry BUT again, we came in the restaurant with bellies that did not require impressing so this is what we got.
Breads, pastries and cakes - this is Conti's turf.

While waiting for our bill, we goofed around a little. I never got to introducing the before nine team. I am SERIOUSLY planning to start a breakfast club to spread the early morning love but for the meantime that we are still in the baby stages of this noble blog (and future lovers of breakfast community!! nyahaha!), this is basically the team. Haha! Me (Tina) as the editor (naks!) and Alan as the photographer. We have one honorary member, Dian, the designer but we have yet to successfully wake her up in our early morning adventures. :)

Cheers to our love for breakfast!

All Sunshiny,

Conti's Bakeshop and Restaurant
53 Connecticut Street, North Greenhills
San Juan
(02) 727 6898

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