February 4, 2013

Weekend Market: Greenhills Sunday Market

time check: 7:30 am

According to Neil Oshima, when one is interested to know a culture of a particular community, it is best to visit and experience their markets. The souks in the middle east. Chatuchack in Bangkok. The floating market in Vietnam. Divisoria in Manila. I do not know about him, but I am usually a weekend market presence (parang multo lang) to sample food. Oh food, that which nourishes my body and gives me the energy to go on with my day. Oh food! Haha!:)

My love affair with weekend markets started with Sidcor Sunday Market, then in the grounds of Lung Center and now in Eton Centris. I am usually in the sherbet stall, if not the waffle dog stall, if not in the churros stall, if not in the Chinese Lumpia stall - your last resort in finding me is the Vigan empanada stall, usually my last stop so I can relax and sit on a bench while generously pouring vinegar on my just-bitten orange and hot empanada. And then I observe people. Because I am chismosa that way. 

But this particular entry is about the Greenhills Sunday Market which we happened to know by chance after walking pass by it after our breakfast date in Torch. I mentally noted that this has got to be one of the places we should visit to widen our before nine experience and so one Sunday morning - ta-dah! Good Morning Greenhills!!!:)

the market starts early at 6 am :)

It is well-organized, sufficiently guarded (their security guards are snobs and a half - sorry for the negatron morning) - the selection is not as extensive as that of Sidcor's and maybe that of Legaspi's or Salcedo's (I have not been there yet) but the stalls and stores are just the right mix for a next-door market fix.

When on weekend markets - my first stop is usually any stall which can stop the stomach grumbling. For this particular Sunday Morning, we have Conti's in mind to try out for breakfast so we settled for something light, something that can pass for an appetizer without stealing our craving for a really good breakf...oh oh, Vigan empanada and muffins and cupcakes - oh my, oh dear, bibingka and puto bumbong - but Christmas is 11 months away still - ice cream!!! Hay, so much for saving our bellies for a full breakfast meal.

We sampled Rikka's Ilocos Deli's muffins, cupcakes and Vigan Empanada.

snapshots of several products in the weekend market

Cheers to the people who wake up early to enrich their livelihood.
Cheers to the people who look forward to waking up early in the morning to do the things that they love to do.
Cheers to the Pinoy entrepreneurial spirit - even in the simplest and modest of all forms.

All Sunshiny,

Greenhills Sunday Market 
Connecticut Street, Greenhills, San Juan City
open every Sunday from 6 am til 12 noon

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