September 13, 2013

Angel's Kitchen

time check: 08:15 am

We were on our last morning in Baguio last August when I picked up my usual Sunday reading material, the Philippine Star, and read about an announcement which caught my undivided attention - "Now Open for Breakfast". And so a week after and back in the concrete jungle where I am not sure if this is really where dreams are made of (haha), Metro Manila, that is, we found ourselves in Greenhills yet again for a Saturday breakfast treat. "Good Morning Angel's! Kitchen!", said Charlie I. My nanay would love it here. :) No frills and oh-so-homey!

oh breakfast love from top to bottom

(1) the breakfast special menu 
it's a one-pager reference of all breakfast goodness offered in the restaurant

(2) coffee
to kick off another day

(3-4) sunny arroz a la cubana with fried bananas
ground meat +veggies+raisins+friend bananas
it is just so pretty, there ought to be two pictures of it! I almost forgot that once upon a
time, I lived for fried bananas for breakfast. :) I find the serving  small though or maybe
I was just too hungry that morning.

(5) tuna florentine scrambles with mornay sauce
malinamnam! somebody has to teach me the english term for this adjective
its fancy name does not do justice to the satisfaction of munching on this dish

(6) simply chocolate
seriously, nobody reviews chocolate. we just eat them.
oh yum!

All Sunshiny,

57 Connecticut Street, San Juan, Metro Manila
(02) 744 1018
open for breakfast stating at 7 am


  1. two orders please of that arroz ala cubana! it's so lovely and sunny! :)

    1. i know!!! cooking is labor of love. plating (presentation) is cherry on top of that love. :) galing nila. :)