September 7, 2013

Weekend Morning Routine

time check: 07:30 am

Good Morning, blogging live from Seattle's! 

Seattle's Best Coffee Matalino, that is, haha!:) I had a six-day straight work week that all I want to do for my one and only rest day this week is to have some quiet time to sort personal agenda out. Good thing, I live near SBC Matalino. I love coffee shops, even if I do not drink coffee. The whole idea of sitting in a corner with the rest of the world minding their own business is a welcome respite. I feel a little bit guilty for not treating my lola out on a date, it's grandparent's day, will visit her next week. Promise to self. 

Seattle's Best breakfast was my Sunday morning routine in the last quarter of 2012 (because of the dream journal - haha) and I kind of missed it so. By the way, picture above is Big breakfast #2 - sausages, pancakes, scrambled eggs (with extra salt please), bacon and wheat bread. I am thinking of doing features on cafe's/coffee shops which offer breakfast (though I find coffee shop's meals a little bit pricey), what do you think? :)

This is a really short post - will update with more beautiful breakfast experiences soon (hint: a homey breakfast experience in San Juan and churros for breakfast, oh good morning giddiness!) but for now I need to grab my Sunday paper for updates on Napoles and the war in Syria (bless your people, Lord). 

Have a blessed Sunday!

All Sunshiny,

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