October 12, 2013

DIY breakfast

time check: 07:20 am

There are a million and one more breakfast places to experience but one Saturday, we decided to create our own! Cooking is such a labor of love, it's nonstop chopping, mixing, measuring, tasting and jumping from exploding mantika bits from frying. I do not know how mothers engage in the activity and the chefs and the cooks every single day of their lives! After shopping for our breakfast supplies and ingredients from the frenetic and colorful Farmer's Market in Cubao, we laid down the chopping board, cleaned up the pots and pans and rocked and rolled to preparing the best-est breakfast of the year! I hereby declare!! Haha!! 

Our menu was inspired by my cravings of salty breakfast goodness and a newly bought breakfast cookbook published by Yummy Magazine.

DIY breakfast #1 Shopping List

1. Smoked Fish      
2. Spinach              
3. Eggs (10 pieces) 
4. Kesong Puti        
scrapped from the menu due to budget limitations, haha!
5. Salted Egg          
scrapped from the menu because item #1 is salty enough already!
 6. Asparagus           
7. Tomatoes           
8. Olive Oil           
9. Fruits                
10. Saba                   
apple and longgan :)
11. Quickmelt         
 12. Flowers              
  scrapped from the shopping list because it was difficult to cross the street
from the food section to the flowers section - my pretty flowers! ;( they were
supposed to prettify our breakfast spread, hay!

1. Salt and Pepper Asparagus; Fried Saba
The intention was to re-create the asparagus omelet we tried in Ally's All Day but in the end, we had the asparagus a la carte. Asparagus, in my opinion is the prettiest and the daintiest vegetable in the world! The fried saba was Theo's ultimate favorite, he kept exclaiming "ang sarap!".

2. Smoked Fish
Thank you Lord I am a Filipino! Born with salty-craving taste buds and with high tolerance in "aromatic" meals. I look forward to breakfast with smoked fish in the menu - eaten with tomatoes or vinegars and with bare hands! Oh!

3. Spinach Omelet with Cheese
Melt-in-your mouth goodness! We cooked this with olive oil and made sure that spinach was generously sandwiched in between - one step to trying to be healthy!

4-5. The Labor of Love Superb Breakfast Spread!
All Pretty and Tasty!

6. Tanya and Theo
Our cheerleaders and apprentices! :)

To Lovely Mornings!

All Sunshiny,


  1. i love DIY breakfast at home only that i don't have the luxury of time to prepare it everyday.
    drooling over your spinach omelet! yum! :)

    1. We found the recipe in Yummy Magazine. :) You can try asparagus omelet too, sarap!! i realized if you want to learn how to cook, start with breakfast recipes, because they are so simple. :)